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Young girls nuked

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The photo was selected at a May 18 meeting of experts considering post-renovation exhibits at the museum. It was taken in the Hiroshima city center, three days after the Aug.

Young girl pictures

Mainichi Shimbun photographer Yukio Kunihira captured the image of the girl, Yukiko Fujii, standing with an girls right arm in the middle of devastation girls by the atomic blast, looking lost and dazed. The girl was identified after a Tokyo man saw the picture in the Mainichi Hiroshima Atomic Bomb archives online and contacted the newspaper in August last year, saying she might be his mother. Examination by a forensic expert determined that the girl was indeed his mother Yukiko. The woman was aggresive xxx to radiation from the blast at her home about 1.


She died of cancer at age Museum officials nuked been discussing the possibility of including the photograph in the facility's exhibition. An official said it was worth inclusion "because few pictures captured people front and center shortly after the atomic bombing and thus young girl's photograph, along with a description of her later life, can provide an indication of the inhumanity of nuclear weapons. The picture is set to be placed on a corridor connecting the main and eastern buildings of the museum, officials nuked.

Also in The Mainichi.