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Grid girls respond to F1 eliminating their roles: 'PC gone mad'

You'll now receive the top For The Win stories each day directly in your inbox. Michelle R. Martinelli Girls 1, Among them was Rebecca Cooper, who said she was a grid girl for five years. So the inevitable has happened, F1 gridgirls have been banned.

Ridiculous that women who say they are "fighting for women's live farm sex are saying what others should and shouldn't do, stopping us from doing a job we love and are proud to do.

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If we don't do something to stop this where will it end? No grid girls, no cheerleaders, female singers being told what to wear on stage, no models in magazines?!

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I'll fight for my right to choose what I wear, where I work and www keep a job I love. I'll fightformyrighttochoose. Part-time 'grid girl' Charlotte Gash on the decision by F1 to stop using formula grid girls'.