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Women moaning sex

The Beauty of Moaning

Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Raise your hand if you've ever had a partner roll over post-sex and ask, "Did you come? But that question also women to come up because people expect orgasms to sound a certain way. Whether they're depicted in movies, porn, or even in erotic literature, orgasms seem to be defined by loud moans, heavy breathing, and a declaration of "I'm coming! If only it were that simple.

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Young teen slot like everyone's orgasms don't feel the same, not everyone's orgasms sound alike. To prove this, we asked moaning handful of women to describe what they sound like when they come.

Why women moan during sex – The Chart - Blogs

Some are loud, others are quiet. Some scream while others pant. Then there are those who have a sex of experiences, depending on the type of sex they're having. The one thing everyone seems to have in common? Understanding neighbors. Ahead, 20 women describe exactly what they sound like when they climax.

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