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The inaugural issue — which will be available in print and online tomorrow — is a stimulating pastiche straddling erotics and literature.


A guys grabbing spread on masturbating friends adultmagazin interlaced with stirring short stories and a magical diary of a transgender woman going through hormone replacement therapy. And a profile of sculptor, artist, anthropologist, mother, and African feminist Wangechi Mutu. Sarah Nicole Prickett: I always had an interest in written erotica, since I was really young.

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I would go to the library and sneak into the adult section and read these, really probably quite bad, soft porn novels. I wouldn't know what the words meant, I would read a sentence and have no idea what it felt like.

But I knew, from something, from the texture of the language, that it was turning me on, you know? I wanted them to be visual, verbal, smart and sexy — all at the same time woman which doesn't seem that radical, but also just wasn't being done.

I don't know how seriously she took herself as a writer — it's hard to tell.

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A lot of her stuff sold for money, but often not under their real names. So that wasn't the writing she took more seriously, but it's really woman of her best.

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Her journals are the thing that she really considered her life's worth, adultmagazin they're often insufferable, whereas her short erotic stories are perfect. But was she a huge inspiration? I don't know.