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Wierd sex practice

13 Unusual Sexual Practices From Around The World

In the past, people have been getting bizarre in the sandy fuck and things have gone much dirty and disgusting.

No matter it was because of any lifestyle, customs or tradition, following sex culture was only the thing they could do whether they liked it or not. From sleeping with a girl of six years to sharing a common wife for brothers in a family, here are a few weird and crazy rituals around the world that will make you say WTF. According to a myth in Indonesia people believe that the the couples have to spend the night with someone except than their husband or wife and must have sexual intercourse between them.

It is also said that if they get intimate with the same partners for all the seven celebrations they did earlier, it would bring them good luck and wishes. Ancient Egypt was obsessed with jerking off! Therefore, the men of Egypt would spiritually masturbate into the Nile to assure an ample amount of water for their crops.

13 Unusual Sexual Practices From Around The World

The Sambian Tribe of New Guinea have a oral history of dissociating wierd boys from the girls at very early stage from 7 to 10 years. The children of the tribe had to wierd through extreme conditions which included piercings, bleeding of nose and drinking semen of the tribes mightiest warriors sessions. Practice young boy children of 13 years are supposed to have sex with women older to their age and they teach them the tricks to please their partners.

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The men got attracted towards young boys and preferred them for getting intimate. We all must heard about a man having more than one wives But ever thought of having more than sex husband for a practice. Not really!