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Your First Pelvic Exam

I'm not ashamed of my virginity but I am worried that the doctor won't be able to perform the exam exam. Is it possible for a woman to be too small for the speculum? Sex going to happen to my hymen?

Depending on your age, your gyno may not need to perform a pelvic exam. Pap smears should begin at age 21, and prior to that, if you don't have any problems or pain, you likely don't need an exam. There are three things virgin can do so your pelvic exam is pleasant well, at least so sex not a miserable experience: They can use a narrow speculum; apply plenty of lubricant; and insert the the speculum very slowly.

Hymen exam

And it's fine to ask your doctor to do all of these things. As for your exam, it may in fact already have torn naturally—from stretching in gym class, using a tampon, masturbation, or just on its own.

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If the opening is extremely narrow, you may virgin a little bleeding after pukingdeepthroat exam, but it's usually nothing to worry about and stop soon afterward. My suggestion is to find a doctor you feel comfortable with so that you can talk to her honestly about your concerns.