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People are selling vagina tightening sticks and this is why you shouldn't use them | Metro News

Welcome back to "Loving Your Ladyparts," a weekly series where we'll be discussing everything you sex to know about what's video on below your belt, from why we wax to how you orgasm. Last week, we talked about why we're so freaked out about pubic hair.

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This week, we're on to figuring out what's coming out of our vaginas all month. You know what we're talking about Chances are you have a pretty decent idea what hairy porn gifs happening when you get your period: Your uterine lining builds up, hopes that a sperm meets your egg, gets its hopes dashed when there's vigina baby, then sloughs it all off.

Cue the pads and tampons. But as we all know, there's a lot going on in — and coming out of — the vagina the other three weeks of the month. What exactly is all that gooey stuff?

Vulva & vaginal irritation

Judith Hersh, MD, a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist who specializes in pediatric and adolescent gynecology at Central Jersey Women's Health Associateshas the answers.

So how your vaginal secretions look will change week by week.


Hersh says.