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Venezuealan women naked


GENEVA — Venezuelan special forces have carried out thousands of extrajudicial killings in the past 18 months and then manipulated crime scenes to make it look as if naked victims had been resisting arrest, the United Nations said on Thursday in a report detailing wide-ranging government abuses targeting political opponents. Laying out a detailed description of a lawless system of oppression, the report says the actual number of deaths could be much higher. Families of 20 young thug porn pics who were killed in the last year described a pattern of violence in which the FAES units arrived in pickup trucks without license plates, dressed in black and with women faces covered by balaclavas.

They broke into houses, seized belongings and molested women, forcing some to strip naked.

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In every venezuealan described to the investigators, attackers manipulated the crime scene. The investigators said they had also documented the execution of six young men carried out during one of the house raids, the killings done as a reprisal for their participation in anti-government demonstrations. Five special forces members were convicted of attempted murder and venezuealan offenses inand another members were under investigation for abuses, according to the report.

But few victims, it says, have access to justice or any redress. The report also describes routine abuse by security and intelligence services of people detained for political reasons.

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In most of the cases, men and women were subjected to one or more forms of torture, including electric shock, suffocation with plastic bags, water boarding, beating and sexual violence. Women were dragged by their hair naked threatened with rape, the report says. The women often had no legal basis, according to the report, which says that more than 2, people were arrested for political reasons in the first five months of the year and more than were still detained at the end of May.