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Tween crotch shot

Reuters released Miley Cyrus crotch shot

It is a question of intent, and here the picture is taken on stage, in public, and crotch purpose is not child pornography. It was not intended to promote pornography. And while the truth is being told…that was cool to offer my sister 25 bucks for her underware she tween during her softball game!!

Leave the girl alone. Accidents happen!

xxxtra teens

Miley has gone past the boundary of decency. Madonna and Lady Gaga use sexe picher costumes in their acts without crossing the line.

Forever 21's Crotch Shots Too Sexy for Facebook

If Miley wants to shot up then she should pattern herself after adults and not infants like Lohan and Paris. Photographers should have the morals not to take pics like this. She is not getting out of a car with a mini and no underwear. Who wears underwear under a bathing suit….