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Tracy wilson nude

Tracy wilson nude

For years, nude sunbathers in this free-thinking coastal town have headed to a secluded beach below his cliff-top home to peel off their clothes and bake in the buff. As far as I know, there are no complaints or problems. Not so, say Santa Barbara County authorities, who have begun to enforce a year-old law against public nudity after receiving complaints about lewd conduct on several beaches. The crackdown has sparked protests among people who say the law is prudish and discriminatory. But law enforcement officials wilson complaints about nudists--and the voyeurs they attract--justify an aggressive response at four beaches with reputations as gloryhole cockshock tumbl clothing-optional: Summerland, Rincon, More Mesa and Gaviota.


Some of those beaches have begun to attract exhibitionists and gain notoriety as pickup spots for people looking for casual sex, residents say.

But residents in upscale Summerland, a tourist town dotted with nude antique stores and pale-colored beach cottages, say those troubles have not marred their sun-kissed shores.

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They contend that none of the complaints has been made in their laid-back community of 1, five miles south of Santa Barbara. Tracy they worry that their unofficial nude beach will become more dangerous if locals who have traditionally policed the shore are shooed away. Resident Anette Heaslet, 33, said the crackdown has had an unpleasant effect on the beach atmosphere.