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I love internet stock images.

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They represent a paint-by-numbers version of pics real world that aims to satisfy as many people as possible, but end up providing a baffling and alienating insight into categories of human that only exist in the minds of advertising sociopaths.

What's not to love?


Look at stock images and you will know how truly alone you are. To illustrate my point, here are the highest ranked stock images relating to a selection of rigorously chosen sexe picher fields:.

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Apparently being a cool guy is now all about being the clean cut grandson of Gok Wan. He looks like girlporn kind of vaguely emo guy even emo kids tiny bully. The entire first page of cool guy stock images is absurdly clean cut.

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Where have all the cowboys gone? In your face, society!

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This what being gay is all about: Looking sensitively at another man because you understand that he has feelings. Being clean cut.

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Everyone in the world of stock images is clean cut. Except for those punks.