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The perfect petgirl

A drama CD was released on June 28, Staff aired between October and March It has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America.

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Sakura Dormitory is a dorm of the high school affiliated with Suimei University of the Arts often shortened as Suikowhich hosts the strangest, most trouble-making students. After being kicked out of the normal dorm for keeping a perfect cat, Sorata Kanda moves into The Dormitory.

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As he starts to get used to the life in the dorm, Mashiro Shiina, a world-famous artist who cannot even take care of her daily life, moves in. Sorata is forced to become Mashiro's caretaker. The story is about their daily lives as well as mental growth.


ASCII Media Works published 13 petgirl in the series under their Dengeki Bunko imprint encompassing midget pussy teen main novels and three short story collections released between January 10,and March 8, The manga ended serialization in the magazine's May issue and continued serialization in Dengeki G's Comic between the June and July issues. A episode anime television series adaptation, produced by J.

The series makes use of five pieces of theme music: The first ending theme "Days of Dash" is by Konomi Suzuki.