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Two American men who were arrested in Thailand for flashing at a temple may face seven years in prison. The picture, taken at Wat Arun Naked of the Dawn shows the pair with their backs naked the camera, gesticulating at the temple with their shorts thai down.

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Colonel Jaruphat Thongkomol of the Bangkok Japan nude masturbation police told the Bangkok Post that the men remain in custody while police look into other incidents. The pair had posted a similar picture of them flashing at another temple, Wat Trai Mit Witthayaram.

Image of naked woman halts Thai parliament debate

He also said missyspalace hardcore the fine could increase to 40, baht a piece, since the pictures were taken in a place of worship. Disseminating pornography online can incur a five-year jail term. Thailand has strict rules for governing behaviour around religious sites.

Visitors to temples are expected to dress modestly and behave appropriately.

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A lese-majesty law also forbids criticism of the monarchy. Ina Swiss citizen was jailed for 10 years for spray-painting posters of the king in Chiang Mai. Instagram accounts encourage people to drop their trousers in tourist locations thai the world. The trend — embraced predominantly by western travellers — has caused offence in local communities.