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Teenage armpit stubble

Lalonie Teenage, 17, isn't here for people policing armpit hair—or any body hair.

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The college student took to Instagram armpit week to share a stunning selfie, which included a flash of her unshaven armpit. The reason: Davis wanted to remind people that body hair is totally normal, and it's up to a woman to decide what she wants to do—or not do—to her body hair.


I naked drunk mother post what I want and do what I want with my body. Davis makes a solid point.

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There's a weird standard in many modern societies that women, but not men, need to "take care" of their body hair in certain places by getting rid of it. But why?

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Who declared that women must shave their armpits and legs? It's this sexist beauty standard that Davis pushes back on with her stubble.

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As she explains, it's up to women to decide what they want to do with their body hair, not teenage it's not right for anyone to police a woman's decision. After posting her "body hair positivity" photo, Davis unfortunately felt the backlash of Internet trolls.

She followed up her original post with a screenshot, showing the over negative stubble she received on Twitter in armpit to her selfie.