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TikTok, the social media short-form video creation and sharing app with more than a billion monthly active users, is usually to be found at the top teen the Apple App Store downloads page.

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The incredible popularity of an app which was only launched in has not escaped the attention of sex though. A new report by Satnam Narang, a senior research low at Tenable, reveals just how low the teen peddling crooks will go to gain likes and drive unsuspecting teen TikTok users to their websites.

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Like TikTok itself, the sex scammers also appear to be in their infancy but are growing in number and complexity. In a two-part reportNarang reveals that the grifters are using the video-sharing simpsons porno shouna to gain likes and followers to game cost-per-action networks of adult dating sites.

TikTok Teen Porn Problem Exposed As Snapchat Sex Scammers Target Billion User App

They are quick to take advantage of so-called "cost per install" networks that monetize the herding of users towards naked fat aisans other apps.

That's not where the herding stops though. Narang's research also found that TikTok scammers are pushing users towards specific Snapchat accounts to trick them into singing-up to adult sites or subscribe to premium Snapchat accounts.


The TikTok teens that do move over to Snapchat are presented with a Snapchat Story featuring videos of women "either being sexually suggestive, displaying nudity or performing sexual acts," Narang warns, continuing "the stories themselves also contain a link attachment that directs users to an external page hosted teen Google Sites. Tenable informed both TikTok and Snapchat of the findings and said TikTok responded that it was "in the process of removing the accounts we identified and actively working to identify and remove others," while Snapchat directed the company to a support article.

TikTok Teen Porn Problem Exposed As Snapchat Sex Scammers Target Billion User App

I reached out to both Snapchat and TikTok for a statement. Here's what a TikTok sex told me:. We flag and remove most spam low before they can reach users' feeds, and we continuously improve our protections, even as malicious actors work low evade our safeguards.

TikTok had already removed all of the accounts identified as spam before this blog sex published. As part of our regular process, we constantly review the tactics of malicious accounts to further strengthen our systems.