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Teen girls iran

My profile Contribute Logout. A video of a teenage girl in Tehran being violently arrested by police after playing with water guns girl cumshirt pic sparked fury among Iranian internet users.

In the video, taken on June 22, a plainclothes officer is seen forcing the year-old girl into a police car as she shouts and teen to resist.

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The officer pushes her and punches her as several other officers in uniform look on. A friend of the teenager who filmed the video can also be heard shouting. Voir cette publication sur Instagram. My three friends and I were in a park playing with water guns with some other people.

Iranian Teen Girl Arrested for Dancing in Instagram Video

Suddenly someone told us the police were coming and everyone ran away but two of my friends and I got stuck there. We thought the police would just give us a warning or something, but they beat my friend up, pulled her hair and arrested her because she argued iran them. We were extremely afraid and just looking for girls way to run away.