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Tee titans

One of my favorite things to write about here is the Teen Titans. So, unsurprisingly, drugged slut all-time favorite DC animated series was the original Teen Titans series that aired during the early aughts.

Now, thanks to the power of DC Universethis amazing show is more accessible than ever! Unlike some of the juggernaut series Ba tman: The Animated Series, Justice Leaguethe original Tee n Titans animated series might not have reached as tee potential viewers as its hilarious successor, Tee n Titans Go!

It's Time to Discover (or Rediscover) the Teen Titans Animated Series

So, allow me to run down all of the most amazing aspects of this phenomenal series. Firstly, you have to be impressed by the characterization. This puts the series in a unique position of creating definitive versions of Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy for a generation of fans. Despite the characters never using their given names and very little about titans lives outside of Titans Titans ever being addressed, they are introduced in broad strokes that immediately allow the viewers to get a handle on who they are.

Teen Titans

Here is the best example, in my humble opinion. Raven as voice by the awesome Tara Strongis introduced as the goth girl in the pilot tee. Yes, Raven is dark. Yes, Raven is moody.

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