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Posted May 15, Three women, inspired sex the revelations in The Teacher's Pet podcast, pet come forward with allegations of sex abuse by teachers while they were students at a high school on the NSW mid-north coast. At the time, of course, I didn't recognise it as such," Ms Hood said. He came to my house, introduced himself to my parents," she said.

Woman shares horror rape ordeal after teacher groomed her at age 11

Ms Hood said she had lived with the shame and guilt of the experience throughout her life, but after listening to The Teacher's Pet podcast she was inspired to tell her story. In the series, it was revealed Lynette's husband Chris Dawson, a teacher at Sydney's Cromer High School, was in a relationship with one of his students.

The podcast also details a "culture" of abuse against Cromer High School students by their teachers in the s.

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Last year, Chris Dawson was charged with the murder of Lynette. Mr Dawson has denied any teachers and teachers emphatically rejected being responsible for his wife's alleged murder. Ms Hood spoke to her friend 'Nicole' — who wished to remain anonymous for this article — and started a Facebook page called Teacher's Pets Released, offering support and encouragement to other students who may have had a similar experience at the school. My friends and I would go down to the local pub and there would be teachers there," she said.

BULL Review: “Teacher’s Pet”

Most of us were 16 or 17 at the time. The teacher lived near Nicole, and she said he would find reasons for the pet of them to be together.

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