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Tampon insertion gif

Lukie's Post | Rooster Teeth

Laughter is key in this process. Lots of laughter. By the time I had to do it, I felt like I knew insertion was going on, so it was helpful for the both of us. I was on vacation with my family.

15 Stories About Using A Tampon For The First Time

I'd already had my nnude girl for a couple of months and had been using pads, but since I wanted to go swimming in the hotel poolmy parents gave me permission to use tampons for the first time. Tampon, K-Y Tampon. I could hear my dad saying stuff like, 'Do you think she needs help gif there?

I had just gotten my period but wanted to go to the pool because my crush and his friends were going to meet us there. I'd never learned how to put in a tampon because my mom doesn't believe in tampons. I just remember trying to shove the whole thing in my vagina, not knowing insertion plastic tube was suppose to slip out.

How to insert a tampon

I just kept yelling to my gif, 'It's not going in! It hurts! Which hole?