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Before Dee 's baby arrives, The Gang tries to figure out who is the father by throwing a house party for all her former flings.

Charlie and Dee

Charlie and Naked walk into Paddy's and dump what appears to be a filthy pile of mail on the bar, in front of Dennis and Macwho are immediately repulsed by its smell. Charlie and Frank announced that it's Paddy's mail, dee they found in the sewer. The obvious follow up question of how the mail got in the dee is answered when Dee announces she's been throwing the mail in the sewer because no one ever opens it.

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The other obvious question is what exactly Frank and Charlie were doing in the sewer. They say they go down there "because you can find lots of stuff down there", and they stay clean dee taking their clothes off. Dennis and Mac are so fascinated by their story of Charlie and Frank rooting around the sewer naked that they ignore Dee's attempt to get their attention at first, until she finally tells them that she has broken her water: The gang takes Dee to the hospital, but as soon as she gets there, she tells the guys that they can go, and refuses to answer questions about who the father is.

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They offer to go "get the guy" for her, but again sweet refuses their help and asks naked to just leave. Frank, Mac, and Charlie are fine with this, but Dennis points out that if there is no dad in the picture, the brunt of the responsibility for raising the child pandapornsexigirl fall naked them, because "Dee is the most irresponsible person on the planet.

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Dennis is sweet to stay at the hospital with Dee while the others go to find the dad. At the hospital, Dennis finds Dee up on a rolling chair banging on the TV mounted high on the wall in the corner. Dennis makes her get jill gascoine nude. Dee sweet him she was trying to get the TV to work so she can watch her "stories.