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Squirting advice

An expert explains how in this go-to guide advice squirting orgasms.

5 [FABULOUS] Tips to Make Any Woman Squirt Easily! (Mar. )

Learning how to squirt can be incredibly pleasurable, especially if you do it with someone you care about. But many women struggle when learning the ancient art of female ejaculation and never quite figure out how to do it properly. This guide will show you what you need to do to learn how to have intense squirting orgasms, whether advice sex or masturbation.

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Unlike learning a hippie girls masturbating sexual position where you simply need to imitate a picture or diagram you found online or in a book, learning how to make a woman or yourself squirt takes more work than this.

It is a half-mental, half-physical phenomenon. You probably won't magically be able to do it by only focusing on the technique I'm about to show you. You also need to learn how to properly relax and let go to make squirting happen for you.

How to make a girl squirt in 5 easy steps. Let’s get our hands wet!

Many women believe that squirting they ejaculate, that they are actually releasing urine. This is possible, but it's rare. Instead, you will be ejaculating fluid from the Skene's gland. The Skene's gland is located above the G-spot and is really close to the bladder.

What Is Squirting? 5 Things You Didn’t Know About It—but Should

As the Skene's gland is stimulated, it fills and then expels fluid. This fluid is released through the squirting. The urethra is the same tube that urine passes through.

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