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Nudity in sport is the custom of taking part in sporting activity while nude. Being clothed is a matter of modesty and in some instances protection for the athlete.

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It was a norm in Ancient Greece for athletes to exercise and compete in the nude. In antiquity even before the Classical era, e.

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The Penises are beautiful practice to compete and exercise was strongly inspired by their gods and heroes. For the gods and heroes nudity was a part of their identity and a way to display their physical energy and power which the athletes attempted to honour and emulate. Nudity in sport was first documented in the city-state of Spartaduring the late archaic period.

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The custom of exercising naked was closely associated with pedagogic nude and with the practice nude anointing the body with olive oil to accentuate its beauty. Unlike other Greeks, Spartans also sometimes went naked casually, such as in the public city area. They were also the only city-state where women and girls also competed in the all the other states banned females both as participants and as spectators from any sporting event where male sport was visible.

It spread to the whole of Greece, Greater Greece and even its furthest all, and the athletes from all its parts, coming together for the Olympic Games and the other Panhellenic Games sport, competed naked in almost all disciplines, with the exception of chariot racesalthough there are depictions of naked chariot racers too.

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