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Fe Sex on Flickr, under Creative Commons. It hurt.

Painful Sex Common for Some Teen Girls

It burned. Eventually, her relationship ended, and when she entered a new one she expected the same thing. But this time, it was different. Sex was enjoyable and fun.

Your Most Embarrassing Sex Questions — Answered

Some young runner is like many other teens and women who experience discomfort during sex. This pain, according to the researchers, is likely greater in teens because they generally have been sexually active for a shorter period of time, are less experienced and have had fewer partners.

The girls surveyed, who agreed to be quoted about their private lives on the condition of tatiana golovin sexy, were going to elite colleges or were star players on sports teams.

Despite the high bar they have for other parts of teen lives, most of these girls were content with subpar, uncomfortable and even painful sex lives.

Painful Sex Common for Some Teen Girls | Women's eNews

One high school senior, who has been with her boyfriend for nearly two years, has sex five to six times a week. She experiences pain sometimes, but nothing extreme enough to tell her doctor about.

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But not all girls feel awkward discussing discomfort with their partners. One teen surveyed relies on open communication to make sex enjoyable.