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Sluty teacher

Sluty Teacher Maria Ozawa Fucks a Co-Worker in the Shower &School Library

The music in the club sluty pounding loud. Really loud.

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Pokemon lucinda naked kind of noise that meant you had to virtually put your mouth to your friend's ear and shout to even speak to them. Which when a sexy girl like Sarah Price did to another sexy girl Like Lisa Duncan made them look very, very erotic. Especially to boozed up young men. It was a fact not lost on either Sarah or Lisa.

Sarah turned and smiled a wicked, knowing smile at the three young men standing staring open mouthed at teacher. And well should they be open mouthed both Lisa and Sarah were stunners.

Slutty Teacher

Lisa was a short blonde with a gravity defying cleavage while Sarah was a slightly taller, slim woman with light brown hair, twinkling eyes and the figure of a model. One of the lads in particular took Sarah's eye, the sluty in the middle of the three and tall dark haired guy that looked really well built, just how man-eater Sarah liked them.

He was holding his bottle by the neck and openly checking out her legs no wonder in the tiny black dress she was wearing. Lisa had turned to chat to a girl friend that had passed their table so Sarah flashed him a wide, welcoming smile and patted the seat next to her.

She wanted teacher meet this young buck.