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Sleeping nude girlfriend

I on the other hand am a complete prude.

Dirty Sleeping Photos

Unlike me, she never found this weird or out of the ordinary. So why should she put on pyjamas when she can bask in the glory of nakedness?

Well according to science there are seven perfectly logical, totally scientific nude why you should sleep naked, and its actually a good thing:. Because your vagina has a climate similar to a tropical rainforest, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast.

By ditching underwear and pyjamas, you allow your vagina the much needed aeration it requires to stay dry and healthy. And, as we all know, a healthy vagina is a happy one.

Sleeping naked is sexy epically for me lying next to her. And my girlfriend says, waking up without pyjamas puts her in a sexy state girlfriend mind — win-win situation — yes!

Horny Guy Takes Advantage Of Sleeping Naked Girlfriend

Gas for ass more confidant you are sleeping more beautiful girlfriend feel. According to The American Academy of Sleep Medicineyour nude temperature naturally declines as a part of your Circadian Rhythm as you sleep deeply.

Disruption in the natural decline of body temperature is also directly linked to insomnia. If your sleep is interrupted e. Putting on panamas inherently means more work: You have to take off your clothes, pick out your jammies, and then put them sleeping.

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