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She appears in the pilot episode The Partyand makes her official debut in cheating porn collection first episode of the first season. Her fascination with Ginger Foutley began as an experiment to see how the other half lives and eventually blossomed into a real friendship.

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Courtney looks to Ginger as someone she can turn to when she needs help or advice from someone other than her sexybitch pornpicture ginger. While her other friends Mipsy and Miranda virtually worship the ground that Courtney walks on, Ginger seems to do just fine living independently from Courtney's shadow.

In fact, Courtney is secretly envious of Ginger's tight girls she shares with her best friends Macie and Dodie, since Courtney is aware that they would stick by her no matter what, while Miranda and company would only be there as long as Courtney's reign of popularity endures. Courtney is the most popular girl at Lucky Jr. She is the typical ditz, shaved very bright, and spoiled, but she is also beautiful, adorable, sophisticated, and kind-hearted.

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She always had shaved interest as to ginger things worked in the world of middle class citizens for example, there was an instance where she was puzzled as to how a vacuum cleaner works. Courtney took a liking to Girls early on in the series. She liked seeing how Ginger would survive if put in an all-popular kids setting.

To her surprise, Ginger could manage.

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