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Sexy scottish redheads

Redheads: scientifically stronger than the rest of us

I was born with red hair, the legacy of mixed Scottish and Nude hippie fuck parentage. The nuns assured my mother that it would fall out as soon as my "true colour" came through.

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It didn't and by the time I was 10, I could sit on it. It redheads not occur sexy me that there might be something wrong with my hair until two boys in my junior school tied me up one day by my long red pigtails and kicked a football at me repeatedly.

Gingers: Scotland's redheads - in pictures | Fashion | The Guardian

Red hair gets you noticed, often in the most unpleasant way. In France there is such prejudice against red-headed scottish and women that some have even formed a minority club to protest against discrimination.

Here, too, there was recently a repellent advertisement featuring three redheads of unpleasing appearance with the slogan: It is true that, as a redhead, one puts up with some pretty pervasive assumptions.

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I don't altogether blame Robin Cook for choosing to marry his red-headed mistress. At least she understands. From medieval times, red hair has been believed to denote a lustful and duplicitous nature.