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Sexy naked cycling

Last weekend the World Naked Bike Ride took place in 50 cities around the globe.

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Thousands of naked people took to their bikes to protest against car culture and to raise awareness of cycling as an environmentally friendly option. Thousands more lined the streets to grab sexy sneak peek at the spectacle.

World Naked Bike Ride

Pictures of naked bodies continue to grace our Facebook and Twitter feeds this week. More interesting though has been the cycling divide in opinion about the protest.

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You have those who are celebrating the liberation of cycling naked, those who are taking naked because they are truly behind the cause, those who simply turned out to perve on naked people, those who turned out to mock and of course dared lads naked whole host of people that were utterly appalled by the protest.

Evidence of these varying attitudes has graced comments sections and newsfeeds over the past week. We are eager to know where the readers of TWC stand in this debate?


WNBR pic. IbanSaram March 21, This is why s of naked cyclists and me took to the streets. Naked cyclists get noticed.