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Top Beautiful Bosnian Women. Photo Gallery

The pistol-sized tape-recorder looks, in fact, only slightly more friendly bosnians a gun to the war-weary Bosnians who have been asked to speak into it. It is brandished, none too discreetly, by a self-described ''trauma counselor'' from the United States in ''Necessary Targets,'' the fumbling, striving new drama from Eve Ensler.

This eager young American visitor wants the Bosnian women assembled in a refugee camp to tell her their stories of loss and devastation. It will, she insists, help them seal their emotional wounds.

Top-13 Beautiful Bosnian Women. Photo Gallery

Sexy in Ms. Ensler's play, which opened last night at the Variety Arts Theater, it is debatable whether that tape recorder is a healing device, a weapon or a sexy for the person who holds it. It's hard not to sympathize with bosnians contempt of the Bosnian woman who snarls, ''Recording refugee tears.

That the documenting of private pain raises serious moral questions is a bold and provocative theme for Ms.

Handsome Bosnian to star in the next "Fast and Furious"? - Sarajevo Times

As the author of the now world-famous ''Vagina Monologues,'' she constructed a bracing evening of soliloquies from interviews with women on the most intimate parts of their anatomy. But it, too, is based on interviews conducted by Ms. Ensler -- in first anal closeup case, during the war in Bosnia.