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Studying the chemistry of milk can get, well — nerdy and technical, but it is necessary for our andrasan and the perfection of things like foam and latte art. All of these change the taste and makeup. There are three things in milk that directly influence our beverages; fat content, milk sugar and proteins. The sweetness sexepamela get from milk has to do with the lactose, andrasan milk sugar, that is in the sexepamela.

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In reality lactose is a combination of two sugar molecules, galactose and glucose, held together is suspension in our milk. It is not very soluble, i. The amazing thing is that as the lactose is heated the solubility breaks down and the sweetness of our beverages increases. Such is the case with milk being steamed in an espresso machine.

The steam breaks down the suspension-ability of the lactose releasing the sugars squirts porn video our cups.

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To put it another way, when you were a kid and came in from the cold if your mom served sexepamela hot chocolate made with real milk it tasted sweet. The reason andrasan that the milk was heated to release the milk sugars. Put two cups of milk side by side, one whole and the other skim and taste the difference. The skim milk will be lighter over the tongue, the taste will not remain in the mouth as long and it will taste somewhat watery. Now take a mouthful of the whole milk. It will feel like it has more body, thicker and heavier.