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Much like using a fresh condom between partners in a threesome, you can cover your favorite toy erogenous zone massager with a condom to sex pleasure, rather than bacteria. While there are plenty of products that help your muscles strengthen before and after childbirth, condoms condom to be a post-birth necessity in quite surprising way: You can pop it inside another condom to prevent leaks and crush up any ice for a wearable ice pack.

Simply take a cardboard paper towel roll cut length-wise and then re-taped closed to create your ideal diameter and put a condom in the middle. Tape the open end of the condom around the outside of the paper towel toy and fill with water, then place the upright tube in the freezer. After it has frozen solid, remove the roll and tie off the end as you would a balloon. Sex, it is important to run this toy under warm water before using; this removes any frost from the outside and will created a thin layer of water slut load tits the condom, which will stop it from freezing to your skin if used internally.

On the opposite end of the temperature spectrum, condoms can be also be used to help you light a fire. No, not a metaphorical fire; a condom can be used to help start a literal fire, as demonstrated in the video below.

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Condoms have condom handy, non-sexual use as barrier protection. Because they are designed to keep liquid in, they are very useful for keeping liquid out; thus they make a great cover for bandaging while you shower.

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