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Co-workers Rick and Bella decide to go on an afternoon trip to escape the frenzy and find themselves exploring a new kind sex relationship. Go with them on a sensual trip with this erotic free story. The weather was warm and sunny, so Rick sent Bella a text message reminding her they had a date. They had planned to go on a boat ride, but somehow, they short always too busy or the weather never friendly enough.

Rocking the Boat, A Sensual Short Story

She has worn her sexiest two-piece bathing suit, hoping to show off her ample bosom and generous hips. Rick smiled at her when she made her way to the college babes chaps and climbed aboard.

The sun felt comforting on her back and shoulders as Rick drove out into the sunshine. They had gone far enough that they no longer passed any other boats, so Bella untied storys bikini top and stretched out on a towel spread out on the floor.

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The sun kissed her bare skin and brought a smile to her face. Her breasts bounced softly as the boat moved.

sex short stories

She closed her eyes and inhaled. Rick pulled her forward, brushing her lips against his. He smelled like Old Spice.