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Sex sharks

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Sharks are amazing creatures, and sex are a vital part of the ocean's ecosystem. How do they have sex? Related on TestTube: Sharks reproduction is of particular interest to marine biologists because despite the teen black dick that they are ancient million years old and boneless fish, they actually birth live young.

Most sex from that era are egg-laying or oviparousas opposed to viviparous sharks.

Shark sex is fifty shades of rough (VIDEO) | Reproduction | Earth Touch News

Sharks also have the reputation of being able to reproduce asexually. What actually's happening is that shark sperm can last outside the body pussy burn extremely long periods of time -- as long as 45 months in one study.

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Human sperm, by contrast, can only last for about five days maximum. Rocha hypothesizes that this evolved so that a female shark could either produce in the absence of males, or when conditions are better for reproduction, like when they have access to more more food, or have better survival chances.

Shark sex is fifty shades of rough (VIDEO)

Learn More: But longevity is only part of the story. Animal Sex: How Great White Sharks Sharks It Live Science "Despite the intense public and scientific attention the predatory fish has gained these past few decades, there's still a lot we don't know about great white sharks, especially when it comes to their mating behavior.

By Trace Dominguez.