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Nipple piercing pain and benefits - what you need to know

The pierced barbells have made her sex life better and continue to turn her on — and her partner can't get enough. People who go to professional dominatrixes to satisfy their desires typically enjoy being pierced for the intense physical sensation of being penetrated with a needle.

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At sex, she says, she was simply drawn to the aesthetic. Upon further research, she learned that nipple piercings could increase sensitivitywhich she saw as a much-welcome bonus.

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A decade girl fuking vedio, at 28, Brooke says the horizontal barbells have pierced her sex life better and continue to turn her on — and her partner can't get enough. The fancy name for being turned on by body piercings sex tattoos body modifications done with a needle is stigmatophilia. The term can be applied to both those turned on by their own piercings as well as the enjoyment of their partner's piercings and tats.

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While body piercers say genital and nipple piercings topgirl hard on the riseand celebrities from Rihanna to Kendall Jenner are rumored to have their nipples pierced, there's not much research on sex. Though we definitely can't make assumptions about anyone's motivation for getting a genital or nipple piercing, one study published in the issue of Journal of Psychology and Human Sexuality found that of the surveyed individuals with pierced nipples men and 70 women the majority reported having them done for sexual interest.