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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes you just want a photo to say two: So, what kind of sexy pic should you send?

6 Pictures To Send Your Partner If You Want To Have Sex Tonight

Do you just go with the basic bare minimum literally? It's definitely an sex.

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Chances are, just sending a standard naked pic will get the job done. I mean, you're gorgeous, so of course they want to see all of that. But this is a chance to up your sexy game to the next image and really drive your partner pink pink pussy with anticipation, so that you get exactly what you want tonight.

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So before you just snap, spend a few moments thinking about what you want to send. Consider what they'd like to see, but, more importantly, what will make you feel your most sexy.

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Because nothing is more hot, alluring, and powerful than a woman who is really feeling herself. That confidence will shine through the photo and bring anyone lucky enough to receive the message to their knees.

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Still need a little extra inspiration to help get those creative juices picture Here are six sultry ideas for photos that are guaranteed to get you laid tonight. Lingerie is the power-suit of the bedroom. Slip into something lacy or leather!