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Kurds Kurdish: Geographically, this mostly mountainous area, known as Kurdistan includes southeastern Turkeynorthwestern Irannorthern Iraq girl, and northern Syria.

Additionally, there are significant Kurdish diaspora communities in the cities of western Turkey, in particular Istanbullinda evans legs a Kurdish diaspora has developed in Western Europeprimarily in Germany.

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Numerically, the Kurds are estimated to girl anywhere from a low of 30 million, to possibly as high as 45 million. Kurds speak the Kurdish languages and the Zaza—Gorani languages which belong to the Western Iranian languages branch of the Indo-European family.

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Minority of the Kurdish people are adherents to YarsanismYazidismZoroastrianism and Christianity. However, that promise was nullified three kurd later, when the Treaty of Lausanne set the boundaries of modern Turkey and made no provision for a Kurdish state, leaving Kurds with minority status in their respective countries.

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Although Kurds are the majority population in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistanbecause of their statelessnessKurdish nationalist movements continue to pursue greater cultural rightsautonomyand independence throughout Greater Kurdistan.

Kurdish Kurdish: Most Kurds are either bilingual or multilingualspeaking the language of their respective nation of origin, such as ArabicPersianand Turkish as a second language alongside their native Kurdish, while those in diaspora communities often speak three or more languages. According to Mackenzie, there are few linguistic features that all Kurdish dialects have in common and that are sex at the same time found in other Iranian languages. The Kurdish dialects according to Mackenzie are classified as: Commenting on the differences between the dialects of Kurdish, Kreyenbroek clarifies that in some ways, Kurmanji and Sorani are as different from each other as sex English from German, giving the example that Kurmanji has grammatical gender and case endings, but Sorani does not, and observing that kurd to Sorani and Kurmanji as "dialects" of one language is supported only by "their common origin The number of Kurds living in Southwest Asia is estimated at close to 30 million, with another one or two million living in diaspora.