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A s Carrie Bradshaw might ask: World are we just kidding ourselves?

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Carrie the columnist played by Sarah Jessica Parker20 years on, only the real-life version. This book is not quite what it seems.

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And that turns out to be a pleasant surprise. There is very little sex in this book or in the lives of the fiftysomething single women depictedsex there is a lot of chat among seemingly wealthy women about not having enough money as they approach a retirement that will probably never arrive; about feeling lonely and friendless; about struggling with envy for the lives of others; and about coming search terms with the cruelty of the ageing process.

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Fun gogo teen girls, guys! Thankfully, this book mostly reflects those strengths. So the passages on Tinder, for example, are blessedly short and depressing: On Tinder people are flaky, short-termist, neurotic and self-obsessed.

And you spend more time scrolling and waiting for messages than you do having sex.