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School teen party

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High school can be a heady swirl of emotions and events party and low — the thrill of crushes, the cruelty of bullying, scene drama, and figuring out who you are. Netflix's 13 Reasons Why amplifies all of teen feelings to maximum effect, with narrator Hannah Baker trying to have the last word from beyond the grave, using tapes teen at her thai teen fuck and enemies.

It's such a rich vein that it shouldn't come as a surprise that many other pieces of pop culture deeply delve into the themes party high school drama as well, including the 15 movies in the list school that are all streaming on Netflix now.

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Like 13 Reasons Why and other teen-centric pieces of pop culture, these films all dip into the complicated emotions of high school — from love to betrayal to angst of all. Though the movies, which range from Heathers to Moonrise Kingdomspan different genres and portray vastly different outcomes, each of the 15 films will bring you back to those intense four years in the hallways, for better or for worse.

So next time you're in need of a movie marathon, check out a few of the below picks on Netflix.

‘There was blood on the walls’: what to do when teen parties go wrong

Just prepare to feel some major nostalgia, as well as a wave of relief that you're out of that period of your life. After getting rubbed the wrong way by her reality star-smitten classmates, nerdy, do-gooder Dani actually catches the attention of her crush — who happens to be said school star's boyfriend. Lots of painful frenemy behavior ensues, especially when she's befriended by the reality star. This classic s tale of high school bullying is iconic for a reason — it's vicious, whip-smart, and filled with murderous villainy.