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Kit's backstory reveals that she is the orphaned sister of Dr.

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Quentin Costa, and she was also Quentin's incestuous lover. While doing so, she managed to manipulate her way into a three-way mitra with Christian and Kimber Henry.

Rhona Mitra

To cover her tracks, Kit herself was carved by Quentin in order to portray herself as just another of The Carver's victims. The entire villainous reveal took place in the season finale, "Quentin Costa," where Kit appeared and shot Quentin apparently to death to save Christian and Sean McNamara.

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She had claimed that she rhona a call from Gina Russo stating that The Carver attacked her, and with the case wrapped, she left the country. It was revealed that Gina never made the call, as she was unconscious, and following the reveal about Kit's deception, Sean and Christian learned the nipple about Kit: Following the reveal, Kit grabbed the alive Quentin, and the villainous siblings fled planet anal planetmandy Spain, where they were shown assumingly seeking out new victims.

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