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Earlier the reports of her pregnancy claimed that the actress was hiding this news for a very long time because she had contracts rema a number of multi-national companies and if she would have revealed this news, the contracts were in danger of being compromised.

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She had also extended her stay in the United States due to this very reason. Reema and her husband Dr. Tariq Shahab panty their happiness on this occasion. Tariq Shahab.

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He is a Muslim Pakistani US citizen. Their marriage ceremony took place on November the 18 th The ceremony took place in US State Virginia. She received a BMW car in reception from her mother in law. Reema started her film career by featuring in the movie Bulandi.

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She has worked in over movies. She kerala teenage pussy directed and produced a couple of movies which caught the attention of large sum of people and forced them to visit Pakistani cinema khan. This reception was given to Pakistani nationals by US State Department to speak on the issue of Bill to cut the taxes.