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Thirty years on, and a Disney live-action remake is happening. And so is a backlash of sorts, after Halle Bailey, an African-American singer, was cast in the main role.

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The problem is, naysayers insist, Ariel is meant to be ginger. This is racism.

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There was a similar backlash from so-called fans when a black woman was cast to play Hermione in Redhead Potter and the Cursed Child. On that basis, well, black goes with anything. Others are of the mindset that Ariel was a wonderful role model for young ginger girls, and this casting is a loss for them. I certainly felt an affinity with Girl when I was younger, and it felt good growing up to know that, no matter how frequently my gingerness was mocked, I had a Spice Girl and a Disney character on my side.

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We might, in the UK, face a bit of stick, born perhaps video an anti-Celtic sentiment, and the sort of nasty sexualisation all women sadly face. But this is the worst of what happens to us as a result of our hair colour.

Black women, however, face hate crime and the naked celebrates pics end of structural inequality.