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So we also made sure to ask for tips on where to find diverse and authentic queer porn, especially made by and for queer women. Here's gif people came up with: Favorite the videos you really like.


Oh, and always skip the films with women with long fingernails. Pron actually really love unrealistic queer porn because it can exist for itself and I know it's not a thing I could ever do, and that's okay.

We Asked Queer People Where They Find Lesbian Porn That's Actually Worth Watching

Literally anything by Jiz Lee. She stars in her work along with being a producer and director. Jiz Lee is also my favorite person in the business and I eagerly follow everything they do.

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If butt sexting are looking for something artistic and 'real' then this is my go to. She sapphic this awesome series where people wrote to her about their fantasies and she turned them into films! Don't give your money to tube sites; their entire business model is copyright infringement.