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How to cope with hot flashes during pregnancy

Hot summer weather impacts some people more than others, and pregnant women are among those most likely to become overheated. Barely more than a week into summer and as hot waves blanket Europe and the eastern United States, what are the risks for expectant mothers?

Symptoms of overheating include warm skin, headache, dizziness, muscle cramps and nausea, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Pregnant women who have a body temperature above Dehydration is one hot the causes of Braxton Hicks or so-called practice contractions, and it also can increase the incidence of dizzy spells and fainting, said Dr.

That doesn't mean pregnant women should avoid the outdoors, she said.

Summer heat brings special health risks for pregnant women

Exercising is OK when precautions are taken. However, dehydration is not the only risk associated with overheating: High fever or hot tub use in the first trimester has been associated with changes in the structure of the fetal heart and neural pregnant defects, which can result in conditions such as spina bifida.

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Indeed, a study published early this hot in pregnant Journal of the American Heart Association fuckredhead higher temperatures from global climate change may increase the number of infants born with heart defects between andwith the greatest increase predicted in the Midwest. It's college fucking teenage clear exactly how overheating impacts fetal development, but pregnant studies suggest it may cause cell death or interfere with certain proteins involved in fetal development during the first trimester.

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Pregnant women who feel they are overheating should take the same steps other people should: Those who experience vomiting, worsening symptoms or symptoms that last longer than one hour should seek immediate medical treatment.