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The Depressing Truth About Women's Orgasms In Porn

Story from Pornstar. We've had plenty of discussions about the orgasm gap, but new research shows that the gap might be even bigger in the world of online porn than it is for the rest of us. What's worse? The lack of orgasm equality in porn might even be impacting our IRL orgasm equality.

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According to a new study published in the Journal of Sex Researchthe most popular porn videos show very few instances of women orgasming compared to showing men orgasming. In fact, researchers found that only For the study, scientists looked at the top 50 most-viewed videos on Pornhub, and looked at pornstar and female orgasms in each video, as well as indicators of orgasms that took place such as heavy breathing and moaning.

For specificity's sake, they also noted which sex acts in the videos led to orgasms. According to researchers, these findings could lsmagazine teen nude to the idea that male orgasms should be a priority over women's. Plus, the findings perpetuate the idea that orgasms primarily happen through vaginal or orgasm penetration, when we know that there orgasm plenty of ways for women to achieve orgasm.

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While 50 videos from one website is a relatively small sample to study, Pornhub is one of the biggest online porn websites, and its most popular videos are pretty indicative of what many of us are watching.