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Hairy pussies always reminded me of vintage porn and pornstars that have less that perfect hygiene. Either I got older or something in my brain just clicked as now I somewhat appreciate the presence of a bush, at least in porn. Having to fuck multiple hairy sluts in my lifetime, I can tell you pornstar no longer do I ever lick their pussies and fucking them is not that good of experience either, scratching my dick and making everything itch during sex sucks.

The last time a girl in moan face naked bed had a hairy pussy, I simply kicked her out to the bathroom and told her to shave it off. She got so pissed that the sex afterwards was amazing, combining anger and a smell of freshly showered body.

Ass understand that hairy pussy pornstars are very different from real life as you gif simply enjoy the view, without scratching your balls or getting hair stuck behind your teeth.


Therefore, a list of nothing but the hot girls that got some bush was due. If you are a porn snob, we pornstar a list of 4k porn sites for that extremely crystal clear pussy hair image. Please keep in mind that some of these pornstars shave their cunts too and in one scene appear as clean as a whistle. Still, we did our best to find the girls that often rock a hairy bush than not.

Trying to appear all stylish and succeeding in ass opinionWillow has a unique pussy full of hair that resemble an eagle with spread wings, the US sign of freedom.

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This slut must have the art degree because even her social accounts like Snapchat, Twitter, etc.