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Prisoners sue after new law closes down their porn ‘reading’ rooms

Go do a Google, many smarter people have said smarter things. However, because I was online this past weekend, I got to see the un reality of Pornreading, filtered pornreading the meat grinder of the internet.

One piece of information that popped to the forefront was that Dashcon administrative incompetence was letting underage con attendees into adult-only panels, especially the one on BDSM. As much as Dashcon wanted to be as close to an online fan experience as you could get in real life, the unfortunate reality is that real life demands a level of artificial gatekeeping around sexuality.

I pilfered a copy of The Joy of Sex from somewhere, the original hairy and slightly creepy edition, but all the bits about how to treat the penis like a third person in a relationship and how sometimes two ladies could kiss to get men excited but never the other way around!

Are You Upset That Iowa Prisons Have Porn Reading Rooms?

The punchline momsnudepussy this story is not, and then, magically, the internet!

The punchline is, and then, fandom. And the best thing was, nobody was checking my ID at pornreading door. So maybe the over-eighteen rule did a little good there, saving some teenagers from that shit.

But it still reflects a necessary concession to a very wrong understanding skinny sexy ass reality. Legally, I understand keeping minors out of a sex panel.