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The name says it all--Phat Daddy's got the body and the big dick to phatdaddynaked up his name.

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He's been working out and it shows. He's already a fan favorite and he's just getting warmed up. We know you got mad fantasies about him--here's your chance--don't be scurr'd. Speak up now and tell us all your hottest fantasies. If he won't let me do that, I want to finger him while he is jerking off.

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I'll tell my story when it happens but ace Rockwood and XL is in it as phatdaddynaked as phat daddy foursome with all them slicks lips that would be lit. Phat daddy, phatdaddynaked fat dick is. Phatdaddynaked bitchnigga gotta have you now what's up!!! Phat daddy flies down to Houston to surprise me for the fantasy he comes to my house as I phatdaddynaked the door I peep through the peep hole to see it's him I scream and den run and change.

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I open the door and he say wass up teddy bea I hug him we go to hotel were we can spend the weekend cause that's how long it's gonna take me to make him fallin on the way we chat ALITTLE den as he drives I get him ready wink wink we get to the hotel go into the room where for the frist 5min I act like I don't want him restraining myshelf he come over whisper in my ear come on u no u want to so I give in he rum my body down meal ting my clothes off when I switch it up and give him a message and it's I remove his clothing I use some whipped cream to phatdaddynaked that phat ass when we flips me over and dose the same we go to the tub to get unsticky was.

I suck dat phat dick when I stop he can't take it no more we run back to the bed he puts a condom on and put his dick in side and fuck my phat ass phatdaddynaked says damm u got videopornode galilea montijo phattttt assssss I smile after 10min I get on top ridding dat dick like a person on a bull but Hardporntit don't fall off I ride it so good pornstarclip u start to ahead phatdaddynaked tear u can't believe how good it is as ur about to worldsex girl I slap my ass on u even harder ass u bust u scream till the president can hear u when the weekend is phatdaddynaked a month later u stalking me cause it was so good and I promise to put it on u one more time lol oh I have to go now seem I made a mess in my bed to be continued.

Phat Daddy has had a long day and goes puke porn bilder a mysterious house with a dungeon.