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This year-old man presented painful a very painful infection.

Clinical pictures: Perianal problems | GPonline

There was a large abscess which was easily palpable with surrounding cellulitis. It clearly needed incision so he was admitted for this to be done under general anaesthetic.

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There was no obvious underlying cause, such as pics bowel disease or diabetes. Following drainage, the abscess cavity required regular dressing but healed well. This man rather sheepishly requested help with the removal of this perianal anal. It had been present for some years, but his new partner did not like it, making him seek help.

Anal Pain Pics

He was referred and it was removed easily. Histology confirmed the benign nature of the lesion.

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The cause is unknown, but patients often have more heide lindgren naked one lesion, and as in this case, they can become quite large. They are always benign.

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This is a painful tear in the perianal skin. It usually results from overstretching of the anus, and presents with pain on defecation often associated with a small amount of fresh red bleeding, usually noted on the paper.

Advice about straining and diet, along with use of topical agents such as nitrates and stool softeners, usually results in healing.