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Last week, while I was brushing my teeth before bed, my phone xxl up with a voice note sent by a close friend. I can't tell you how many dick GIFs I'm getting.

Boomerang nude GIFs are the latest sexting trend

What I discovered was this: And it's not just dick pics. According to the people I've spoken to, a nude Boomerang offers something that a pic does not: Boomerang — an Instagram owned app — allows you to create "mini-videos" gifs capturing 10 photos and sticking them together to create a looping GIF.

You can use the app to create Boomerangs without sharing them publicly and you can save them to your nude and send them via a messaging app. Ann not her real namewho works as an editor, told me she started making nudes on Boomerang — Instagram's app which lets you make "mini videos that loop back gifs forth" — about a year ago.

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Ann says she feels that Boomeranged butt GIFs are "like the flirty wink of nudes. She tried taking a photo by lying on her stomach and taking a pic of her butt over her nude.

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She likes Boomerang xxl because they feel "a bit more playful" and fun. She says one of her current sexual partners has, with her consent, used Boomerang to capture "little moments" during sex. Or a moment during sex. Youtube naked couples ask what the appeal of sending a gif is over, say, sending a still image.

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