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Nude triath

Same here.

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It's so silly. I grew up in Europe, saw many naked people as a kid people changing in public, playing frisbee in the nude, etc.

I don't think I got any lasting "damage" from it. So the women were able to "hide their shame" in a tent while the men could just do what ever they wanted in the transition area? Yeah, kind of strange.

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On the other hand there was no room left in the transition area for another tent anyways, we were packed in there. I guess hdadultvideosfree guys could have gone to the porta potty trailer to change if they needed to. As far as I know only one member of our tri club from the USA decided to change out in the pump for pussy. The male porta potties at the race were triath open urinals.

Each stand nude 4 urinals with a small wall separating each one with an open back.

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Nudity is so taboo here and nude is problem the reason for the rules. I did a "Neekid run" a month ago at a nudist colony and triath would be surprise how people without beach bodies really don't care.